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IZIgroup is committed to inclusion at DuoDay 2023

On November 23, 2023, IZIgroup is preparing to actively participate in a global initiative that transcends borders to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market. DuoDay, a true showcase of professional inclusion, allows our company to show its commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.

DuoDay: A booming initiativer

Since its launch in 2018 at the national level, DuoDay has continued to grow, bringing together more and more companies and people with disabilities around the world. This initiative has a clear objective: to eliminate the obstacles that often hinder access to employment for candidates with disabilities. By bringing together employers and people with disabilities for a day, DuoDay creates opportunities to build inclusive work environments, promoting professional development for all. For employers, it is also an opportunity to diversify their workforce and benefit from new talent.

Highlights of DuoDay 2023

DuoDay 2023 promises to be an unforgettable event. On November 23, IZIgroup and many other companies will open their doors to people with disabilities. They will thus have the opportunity to delve into various professional sectors, observe work processes from the inside and even actively participate in certain tasks. These exchanges will allow employers, including IZIgroup, to better understand the skills and abilities of candidates. This will pave the way for identifying internship or recruitment opportunities, thereby strengthening DuoDay’s mission of inclusion.

IZIgroup is proud to be part of this initiative, which contributes to creating a more inclusive professional world. We believe in diversity, and we are convinced that each individual has unique skills to bring. Together, we are building a future where talent and diversity are celebrated, where no one is left behind. Join us in celebrating diversity and inclusion at DuoDay 2023.