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IZIgroup draws its strength and vision from a determined and passionate founding trio: Romain Lasseur, Christine Lasseur and Benoît Roure. These visionary entrepreneurs own all of the shares in the group, embodying a total commitment to its success and its future.

They share a common vision anchored in operational excellence and continuous innovation. With their in-depth expertise in the management of invasive species and their deep understanding of environmental issues, they guide the group in its development.

IZIgroup’s unique structure gives it exceptional agility and the ability to make decisions quickly, in full alignment with the group’s strategy and fundamental values.

Through their inspiring leadership, the three partners of IZIgroup embody the passion and absolute commitment that propel the group towards new horizons.

Reflecting this cohesion and determination, the management committee brings together the three partners, as well as Jean-Michel Deville, who assumes the strategic function of Administrative, Financial and Human Resources Director, thus contributing to the consolidation of the strategic direction and to optimal management of company resources.

Romain Lasseur

Romain Lasseur IZIgroup
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President and Scientific Director IZIgroup


Benoit Roure IZIgroup
© Studio Martin Morel

Managing Director IZIgroup, Director of the “Development and Partnerships” division IZInovation

Christine Lasseur

Christine Lasseur IZIgroup
© Studio Martin Morel

Deputy General Director, Director of the Training and Audit department

Jean-Michel Deville

Jean-Michel Deville IZIgroup
© Studio Martin Morel

Group Administrative, Financial and Human Resources Director

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