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IZIgroup expert in interaction between human and other species

For more than 10 years, IZIgroup has established itself as a key historical player in the management of invasive species, pests and pathogens. With its extensive expertise, the group has been able to extend its know-how both in France and internationally, working closely with independents, dynamic SMEs and large groups.

The year 2023 marks a crucially important stage in the evolution of IZIgroup. It is distinguished by the birth of new entities within the structure, testifying to a growing ambition and a constant commitment to the environment and biodiversity. This strategic expansion of our range of services responds to the emerging aspirations of the market, the constantly evolving needs of our clients and the deep aspirations of society.


Équipe dirigeante IZIgroup
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In this dynamic of transformation, IZIgroup is resolutely committed to a corporate social responsibility approach. As experts in this complex and fascinating Animal-Human interaction, we are committed to contributing in a positive and lasting way to the harmony between these two interconnected spheres.

The expertise forged over our years of experience constitutes the foundation on which we build our future. IZIgroup remains resolutely committed to shaping a future where coexistence between species, the preservation of biodiversity and human progress combine harmoniously. We are proud of our journey and enthusiastic about the opportunities that are emerging on the horizon, while remaining faithful to our fundamental vision: a planet where Life and Man evolve together.

Romain, Christine et Benoît

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Key dates :

Alignment of the legal organization with the operational organization

Acquisition of the companies Cotesia and Gong-Eco
Acquisition of the company Vitagreen

And development of new biodiversity services in line with the CSR commitments of manufacturers in France

Launch of IZIDiag

Service dedicated to pest inspection in the food, pharmaceutical and sensitive industries

Relocation of head office and offices in Lyon and creation of the IZIgroup holding company
Welcome to Benoît Roure
Launch of IZIPest, training center for PCOs*
Creation of the group
  • Creation of the group by Christine and Romain Lasseur
  • Launch of IZInovation with testing and scientific research activity

*PCO : Pest Control Operator